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    AJ Beddow, known as AJB the DJ, is a seasoned DJ with a passion for music and a love for the Lord. Born and raised in California, AJ started DJing at a house party in 1998, spinning records and train wrecked every mix, till it got everyone dancing.  Over the past 25 years, AJ has DJed at nightclubs, weddings, and private events all over California, Nevada, and Arizona. He has curated clean mixes of music from yesterday, today, and beyond, always keeping the crowd on their feet and energized.    In addition to his DJing experience, AJ had hosted radio shows for 10 years, showcasing his knowledge and love for music. His goal as a DJ is to create an atmosphere that brings joy to people's day through music and experience.
    Outside of his career, AJ is a dedicated husband and father of six kids. He finds joy in spending time with his family and sharing his passion for music with them. With his wealth of experience and commitment to his craft, AJB the DJ is the perfect choice to bring your event to life.



Genre-Busting DJ

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